Tom & Lisa Walsh, owners of Muskoka on the Rocks steakhouse and pub, promise that
every meal served in their three comfortable dining rooms is made fresh in their kitchen.
Not a single thawed ingredient ever makes it onto your plate.

Customers can have any size steak because its cut from the loin after you order it. Our signature entree
is the Cowboy steak – a rib eye steak with the bone attached cut French style to give more flavor.

All steaks are perfectly cooked to order by trained chefs.

Muskoka on the Rocks  gives every diner an intimate and relaxed dining experience whether you dine
in the Library, Links, or the authentic English pub room.

                                                       Children are welcome, and can choose their meal from a special kids menu.

                                                       “We want you to be comfortable when you come in here,” smiles Tom. “Lisa and I work                                                                each and everyday day, ensuring quality comes out of the kitchen consistently.